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Shared Layouts

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How to start?

Pick your watch model. Select default layout. Now you can modify it and create your own.

How to change field?

Click on the field, you will see it underlined with red. Now you can change it's type under Field dropdown.

How to add a field?

Click "Add Field" button, it will add a new field based on the Field type dropdown.

How to remove a field?

Click on the field you want to remove, make sure it's highlighted. Click "Remove Field" and see it removed.

How to get use of it?

When you are ready, simply copy Custom Layout Text generated for you and insert it into "Custom Layout" property in Digic Watch settings.

How to make watch work again after bad things happen?

First of all select one of default layouts for your watch, generate text for it update your custom layout. If it doesn't help, please reinstall the DigicWatch and try again. Feel free to write me if nothing helps.